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At Sucampo, our rich heritage of scientific innovation in the area of gastroenterology has yielded an approved pharmaceutical product and a pipeline of additional compounds in new therapeutic areas.


Sucampo built a foundation on the therapeutic power of prostones. Our work in this area has helped us create a proven blueprint for identifying, developing and commercializing treatments and innovative pharmaceuticals.

Today, we are evolving our focus to include new and exciting areas of science and medicine. We remain committed to investing in the development of new compounds and novel applications, while at the same time relentlessly pursuing additional partnerships that can help us positively impact other health issues.



Sucampo’s Prostone Technology

The therapeutic potential of prostones was first discovered by our co-founder, Dr. Ryuji Ueno, and under his leadership, Sucampo became a pioneer in the field.

Prostones are naturally-occurring fatty acid metabolites which originally were thought to be biologically inactive and have now emerged as a promising compound class with physiological activities that can be targeted for the treatment of unmet or underserved medical needs.

Prostones are believed to act locally to restore normal function in cells and tissues, and hence, their pharmacologic activity may be targeted to specific organs and tissues. They are believed to possess a mechanism of action as highly potent and selective ion channel activators based on in vitro studies and are physiological mediators that may have a role in the restoration of cellular homeostasis and tissue regeneration.

Sucampo’s work in the area of prostones led to the development of an approved pharmaceutical product.

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