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Our Partners


Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited

Takeda has a licensing and collaboration agreement to commercialize our pharmaceutical product AMITIZA® in the United States and Canada.

Takeda has a license, development, commercial and supply agreement for our pharmaceutical product AMITIZA to further develop and commercialize AMITIZA in all global markets except Japan and China.

Par Pharmaceutical Companies, Inc.®

Par® has a settlement and license agreement related to AMITIZA 8 mcg and 24 mcg soft gelatin capsules for CIC and IBS-C.

The Par Pharmaceutical logo, “Par Pharmaceutical Companies, Inc.” and “Par” are registered trademarks of Par Pharmaceutical Companies, Inc.  The display of the aforementioned logos, trademarks and trade names does not constitute an endorsement by or on behalf of Par Pharmaceutical Companies, Inc.


Mylan N.V.

Mylan has a commercialization and licensing agreement to market our pharmaceutical product AMITIZA in Japan.

The Mylan logo and Seeing Is Believing are marks of Mylan NV and its affiliates.

Harbin Gloria Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.

Gloria has a license, development, commercialization and supply agreement for our pharmaceutical product AMITIZA to develop and commercialize AMITIZA in the People’s Republic of China.


For Business Development inquiries please contact:

Woody Bryan, Ph.D.

Senior Vice President, Business Development and Licensing


Phone: +1-240-223-3617

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Sucampo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is focused on the development and commercialization of specialized medicines that meet major unmet medical needs of patients worldwide. Sucampo has two marketed products – AMITIZA, its lead product, and RESCULA – and a late-stage pipeline of product candidates in clinical development for orphan disease areas. VTS-270 is a mixture of 2-hydroxypropyl-B-cyclodextrins with a specific compositional fingerprint that has been granted orphan designation in the U.S. and Europe and is in a pivotal Phase 2/3 clinical trial for the treatment of Niemann-Pick Disease Type C-1. Sucampo has an option for the North American rights to CPP1- x/sulindac, which is in Phase 3 development for the treatment of familial adenomatous polyposis and has been granted orphan drug designation in the U.S. A global company, Sucampo is headquartered in Rockville, Maryland, and has operations in Japan and Switzerland.